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Margaret Rogers
Margaret Rogers

[FREE!!] Portugal v Wales Live Broadcast 11 April 2023

Live Streaming Of Wales Vs Ukraine: Watch FIFA World Watch Wales vs Ukraine, FIFA World Cup qualifying play-off live. Croatia, Spain, Serbia, England, Switzerland, Netherlands, Portugal and



LIFTED OVER! The corner is played low into the area, and Bale meets it, sprinting towards the near post. He opts for a first-time strike at goal, which was always going to prove difficult, but can't force Patricio into action! Clever idea, that, but the execution needed to be better.

Much better from Wales! Lovely, patient interplay sees them mount a first threatening attack of the night, taking the space Portugal had made available to them. Bale is sprung down the left with Fonte having to come across into a foreign position to defend the threat, but he does admirably to force a corner. GLANCED WIDE! Splendid touch from Ronaldo to spring Mario on his way, before being clattered into from behind. The Sporting midfielder surges into the area with eyes for goal, opting for power not placement, but can't pick out the far corner as his effort drifts a few yards beyond the target.

STAT: Cristiano Ronaldo has only scored two goals in 13 knockout games at major tournaments. He has failed to score with any of his 41 direct free-kicks at major tournaments. It's all been rather pedestrian from Portugal in the final third through the opening half-hour.

They haven't been able to carve apart a stingy and well-organised Wales defence, with Hennessey yet to be called into action. Cedric tries his luck from close to 40 yards out and lifts his effort into Row Z, summarising the Portuguese attack up to this point. Portugal are attempting to slow the tempo now when they're on the ball, recognising the threat Wales pose on the break.

They're being careful not to leave themselves exposed at the back, with both Alves and Fonte very much overmatched in the pace department. That has to be a worry for Fernando Santos given how these first 25 minuted have unfolded.

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