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[[>>Sport<<]] Netherlands vs Germany live 7 April 2023


He then stays in the country until pakjesavond on December 5, and children leave out shoes for him to leave snacks and sweets in in the lead up to the big event. Sadly though, Sinterklaas is not a public holiday in the Netherlands, but it is still a day filled with festivities and family fun. KingsdayKingsday, or Koningsdag, is one of the biggest celebrations in the Netherlands, and unlike Sinterklaas, this one actually counts as a public holiday! The day marks a celebration of the King’s birthday, and on April 27 the whole country turns orange and parties together, come rain or shine. So, what should you expect when celebrating Kingsday? Well, no matter where you are, make sure you stock up on beer and orange clothing and accessories.

On top of having a diverse population, Germany also has a pretty diverse environment. Travelling through the country’s changing scenery - all 357. 022 square kilometres of it - you’ll come across a little bit (or a lot) of everything. Germany stretches from the flat shores in the northeast and northwest, down to the steep foothills of the Alps in the south. The variety in this geography is evident from comparing the country’s highest and lowest points: the Zugspitze (2. 963 metres above sea level) and Wilstermarsch in Schleswig-Holstein, which sits at minus 3, 54 metres.

If you don’t want to party the day (and night) away, you can spend your day walking around aimlessly to see what gems you can find in the traditional street markets. Or, even better, make the most of the day and the use it as an opportunity to declutter your home. Amsterdam PrideCities around the world have their own pride parades, but Amsterdam’s Pride celebrations in August are genuinely on another level. People travel from all around the world to take part and enjoy the canal parade - the only pride parade on water! Amsterdam Pride is genuinely one of the highlights of summer in the Netherlands. Music FestivalsThe Netherlands loves a good music event, and there are a number of renowned music festivals that take places across the country throughout the year, celebrating every kind of genre you could possibly imagine. The bigger, more mainstream festivals include PinkPop (always held on Pentecost weekend), North Sea Jazz Festival, Lowlands, Mysteryland, and Awakenings.

What might you and your family have to look forward to when moving to the Netherlands? Sinterklaas Recently, the Dutch have embraced Christmas more, and have done more to mark and celebrate the holiday. However, the traditional winter gift-giving figure in the Netherlands is Sinterklaas, who travels around the country on his white horse on the evening of December 5 delivering sacks of gifts to well-behaved children. Unlike Santa Claus, Sint arrives on a steamboat in mid-November, travelling with his horse and helpers (pieten) from his home in Spain.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough for you, every year, the Dutch capital is transformed by the Amsterdam Dance Event, which takes over venues up and down the city. The five-day electronic conference festival is truly electric. CarnavalThe Netherlands might not be one of the countries that come to mind when you think carnival, but the yearly carnaval celebrations are a highlight for many. Typically celebrated in the south of the country, people travel from all over to partake in the fun, using it as an excuse to dress up and party.




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